Adjusting to the Pandemic…

a treasured gift from my daughter
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a treasured gift from my daughter

Before I begin telling my story, my family lost loved ones and dear friends. We witnessed hardships and tragedies, but these observations are not my stories to write. We, too, made the required and needed adjustments during this time. My reasoning behind this post is to learn how you and your family and friends adjusted. This post will not express political opinions nor justify whether one received or not received the shots. I want to connect with you-the reader- and how you are fairing now at this present moment of reading my post.

This post is a shorten version of the main points during the pandemic.

My husband, Joe, is an adequate follower of the news. Beginning in the FALL of 2019, Joe stated the virus will reach the United States soon and we needed to prepare. With his biology and chemistry background, he explained how the virus would spread in time. Joe ordered me several N95 masks and wore these inside and outside the home. As he listened to the news, he gradually stocked up on items: toiletry items, toilet paper, powered milk, can goods, meats, frozen vegetables and fruits, etc. The family began taking precautionary actions in the Winter of 2020 before the lockdown occurred on Friday, March 13th. Prior to the pandemic, the family would come in through the basement and take showers and/or change clothes before greeting me after arriving home. Mail and some nonperishable items would be left in the basement for several days before I was allowed to touch anything. I was not permitted to go down to the basement unless severe weather was in the area. The family washed their clothes so I would not be exposed to the “outside” germs. They did all of this to protect me while I was at my lowest point with my health. Many work peers said I went on extended leave at the right time avoiding all the cleaning agents and sickly bodies. [Read my post to gain a better “Understanding MCAS.]

During the pandemic, my family spent many hours together. Joe continued to teach with virtual learning while our children learned from their schools’ instructional methods. We live in the country so going outside was not a problem. It was their outing for the needed fresh air. Many hours were spent talking and laughing around the table and/or living room. We came to understand each other’s spaces and knew when enough was enough; otherwise known as “getting on each other’s nerves.” WE came to respect the other person and how the pandemic was effecting the other family member. More meals were cooked. New recipes were tested. I ordered many books referencing the “Great Depression.” The family read more for pleasure instead of academics. The family would converse with our oldest son and his family through the WhatsApp. The app allowed us to see the family first hand and experiencing our grandson’s many firsts. This is the time where I learned about family vloggers on YouTube and found many great creators that have the same beliefs as me. I picked up crocheting and sewing again. Doctors’ appointments were completed by tele-visits. Oh, I prefer this method instead of going to the doctor’s office.

Everyday was not glorious. Joe continued to update us with the local and world news. Many times my heart broke hearing and reading about the countless numbers of the sick and those that passed away. Families not being able to gather at the homes, hospitals or attend the funerals. Families suffering from lack of needed items and/or long-term effects of the pandemic.

Did my family have Covid-19? Yes, we did. It took months to heal from the illness.

May you find comfort during these times of turmoil as I have. May you grow closer to family and friends and gain knowledge in what really matters in this life.

“He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3 KJV

Blessings, Jan

Published by jnstover

I am a new retiree due to health issues. I am a former educator who in return was a student to the many personalities in my classroom. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I am building one stick at a time in my life as I adjust/accept my current season of being a homemaker.

One thought on “Adjusting to the Pandemic…

  1. I am glad you and your family adjusted to the pandemic. My husband got the virus; I did not. He did recover. The worst part for us was what happened with my mother. For 4 months we could not visit her at all. She went downhill. The before and after pictures of her are heartbreaking. I fear many elderly people suffered from having to be isolated. The good news is she never got the virus. We will never know how much of her physical and mental decline was natural and how much was due to not being allowed visitors for 4 months. The bright spot is she is 99, so she has had a long life, and before the virus we did many things together and made many happy times. For this I am grateful. God bless you and your family.


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