“I cannot live without books.” Thomas Jefferson, 1815

I read couple of pages from one book and then pick another book to read.

These books have similar themes: finance, homemaking, thrifting, problem solving advice, children, cooking, decorating, “being a lady,” etc. I could spend hours reading nonfiction that encourages me in my faith and being the family’s matriarch. Some themes apply to today’s living while others discuss older generations.

I have added a new author to my collection. Sharon White and I share many commonalities of “old fashion homemaking” such as wearing dresses, cooking, budgeting, reading material, homemade gifts, parenting, simple decorating in the home, etc. She also has a blog, https://thelegacyofhomepress.blogspot.com. Her platform is serving the Lord with a humble and sincere heart.

I am fascinated by her outlook on homemaking: all things are done for God’s glorification. Mrs. White emphasizes that homemaking is the heart of the home. Her thoughts as a homemaker is just that- staying home, maintaining a peaceful environment and supporting her family’s needs by living on a meek budget. I admire Mrs. White’s stance on mothers remaining at home. If only it was this simple for many mothers—

My current readings are from the book of Psalms and Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss. This Bible study was created by Mrs. White and has pinned a personal connection between the main character, Katherine, and me. Prentiss wrote Stepping Heavenward from Katherine’s perspective as she journals her Christian walk over a course of several years. Like many of us, Katherine struggles with her faith and conforming to worldly views.

The Bible study consists of several readings per day: two chapters from the Bible (Psalms and Proverbs in sequence), three entries from Stepping Heavenward, journaling own learnings, listening to appropriate music and being present in daily prayer. White offers a downloadable guide on her website. The guide details White’s purpose in reading the specified chapters and entries for the 90 day study. I am on day seven and have formed a kindred relationship with the fictional Katherine. The chapters speak to my heart, and I am grateful for that small voice that roused my yearning for Godly reading.

This post is splintered in thought but my thinking was to write a personal note on the new found writer Sharon White.

Please comment on your favorite authors and their titles. I am always in the market for Christian fiction or homemaking nonfiction.

My motto is clearly stated in the title. I can never have too many books. May you find comfort in a good book or study as I have.

Take care- Jan

Published by jnstover

I am a new retiree due to health issues. I am a former educator who in return was a student to the many personalities in my classroom. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I am building one stick at a time in my life as I adjust/accept my current season of being a homemaker.

3 thoughts on ““I cannot live without books.” Thomas Jefferson, 1815

  1. I am glad you are enjoying your Bible study book. I am curious about “An Old Fashioned Budget Book.” I love books, too. I smiled when I saw “The Tightwad Gazette.” I still have my copy. I read those books years ago when raising my children, and I believe it still influences my thinking about frugality. I also like the book, “Use What You Have Decorating.” Making a nice home blesses our family. Hope you have a good week!


      1. My copy is from 1998, so the first edition. I got it when we volunteered at a book fair, and the reward was a free bag of books. When I read it (twice), I felt I learned some really useful, practical information. I think I’m due to read it again.


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