A Different Approach to Spring Cleaning

The sun peeking through the windows to light the darkened living room.

As I was putting away the Easter decorations, I went a step further and decided to remove all the familiar decor. I wanted the living room and kitchen area to be empty of any miscellaneous items. The open concept area looked clean- visually clean. The customary furniture sat free of any items. With the sun’s illumination, the living area was bright and cheerful on the honey pine walls and brown, wooden furniture. I was impressed by the overall luminosity of the open layout.

Ingredients rest in the corner awaiting to be mixed for double chocolate brownies.

Despite being in seasonal containers, I was unable to rationally declutter the multitude of unwanted (not needed) items. Therefore, the kids and I packed the van, and I drove to my sister’s home to clutter her garage with my overload of anxieties- containers. She and her husband have been gracious to store the boxes until I am ready to finalize a “YES!” or “NO!” on each individual item.

Small touches add to our home’s Spring fever.

Those items became too much for me to decide upon an immediate “yes” or “no” answer. At this moment, I am thinking “NO!” to all of it. But then my brain goes into memory mode and plays all the little scenes of how the children enjoyed certain seasonal pieces. With my sister’s assistance, I should be able to decide what my home needs.

My cup runs over with the delicate simplicity.

As to the current state of my home, I am slowly adding a few- I truly mean FEW- items to the deserted furniture. Even with the small quantity, the three areas continue to appeal to my clean state of mind.

Our newest addition- the sunroom- is in the holding phase at this moment.

My home is my haven. My home is loved. My home has welcomed four children and numerous guests. My home has been blessed with upgrades over the last 25 years.

***Lighting comes from the sun’s provision except in the trinket closet that houses our memorabilia. Goal was to accentuate the natural appearance in the home.***

May you find enjoyment in this year’s Spring cleaning as I have in mine.

Published by jnstover

I am a new retiree due to health issues. I am a former educator who in return was a student to the many personalities in my classroom. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I am building one stick at a time in my life as I adjust/accept my current season of being a homemaker.

3 thoughts on “A Different Approach to Spring Cleaning

  1. Your home looks very nice. I like clean lines, no clutter, but enough decorations so as not to look bare. Looks like you’ve achieved the perfect balance! I also like your idea to have your sister hold things until time encourages a decision. It is hard deciding what to keep and what to give another home. Enjoy your clean home!


    1. Thank you. It has taken a long time to learn that “just because I have it” does not mean I have to display it. Balance is the key. My husband tells me not to add anymore to the fireplace. I used to have the mantle and fireplace covered with knick-knacks. Now I keep the greenery from my father’s funeral six years ago as the focal point of the fireplace. What are your go-to decor pieces?

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      1. On our electric fireplace mantel, I have a vase my mother bought me from Missouri Botanical Gardens. It’s kind of fan shaped with five openings. I also like stained glass lamps. We have a wooden map of Lake Michigan – also a gift. And we bought two large pictures of Sleeping Bear Dunes for over the sofa. Somewhat of a Michigan theme,I’d say. I agree with your husband – sometimes less is more, as they say.


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