It’s a daily thing—

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a cleaning schedule: Mondays- master bathroom, Tuesdays- master bedroom, Wednesdays- laundry room and sunroom, Thursdays- kitchen, Fridays- living room, Saturdays- catch up day and Sundays- rest. Indeed, I am a creature of habit and do not adjust well shifting from my cleaning routine.

I am not sold on the brand name cleaning products and tools that are only applicable for specific household items such as stainless steel, granite, wood, ceramic. Give me something that will encounter all the molds, mildews, dust mites, stench, etc. in one or two bottles. I do not have the patience nor the room to store single-use items.

Cleaning Materials

In other words, I have my go-to products that can be used alone or mixed: DAWN, white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, olive oil and water. A multi-purpose cleaner can be made with warm water, DAWN, and white vinegar. White vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water do wonders for glass. Adding lemon juice and olive oil to white vinegar and water create a phenomenal wood cleaner. I use DAWN and white vinegar on my hardwoods. Baking soda can be sprinkled on carpet, in ovens, sinks, tubs and toilets with a squirt of DAWN and vinegar mixture.

Occasionally, I will utilize the help of good ol’ bleach. There are times when bleach is necessary. Bleach was always a staple growing up. It was observable in all homes.

However, I usually stick with wiping everything with a good hot soapy dishcloth. If DAWN is good enough to wash dishes, then it is good enough to use as an all-purpose cleaner. I wipe all the kitchen appliances and countertops with my dish soap.

My smaller cleaning supplies include bristle brushes, pumice rock, tooth brush, OXO brush, sponge eraser and old wash or dishcloths. I do not discard used toothbrushes and cloths. They are washed with hot soapy water and are appropriate for cleaning. I never understood why people threw these items away when they became stained and appear to have the “worn-out” look. Recycling saves pennies.

Smaller Cleaning Supplies

I prefer to use the electric vacuum on the carpet and furniture. The electric vacuum has a better suction in picking up dog hair and other particles. The cordless is perfect for tile and hardwoods. I use the lightweight cordless while the rest of the family use the heavier cordless. But honestly, I enjoy sweeping, a satisfying tool. We do have robo vacs, but I have not joined the robo fan club. I’m not impressed with them; however, the family loves them!

Dollar Tree accessories and O Cedar Mop and Bucket

Oh my! I have fallen for these Dollar Tree Essential accessories for cleaning the house. Each has to be purchased separately though: light and heavy duty broom brushes, microfiber duster/mop pad, microfiber mop pads light and heavy duty and of course the handle. Seven dollars well spent if you purchase all the items. My husband surprised me with another handle and extra cleaning pads. Thank you Joe. I can clean using a different accessory without having to change out in the middle of a job—–one less interruption while cleaning

These Essentials cleaning accessories assist in cleaning the tubs, floors, walls, ceilings- you name it! I wash and wring out the pads in the sink, allowing me to rinse, wash and refresh the pad during a specific cleaning job. The pads are also machine washable, so it is easy to throw the pads in the washer afterwards and begin with a fresh clean pad in the morning.

I use the O Cedar mop and bucket for cleaning more than one small room. It comes in handy when I am tackling all the floors.

Main overall emphasis is being a firm believer in all the items listed above. Simple and inexpensive for doing daily, monthly, and/or seasonal cleanings. They are proven worthy and long lasting since many of the items have been around for years; especially with my grandmothers benefiting from them in their homes.

I suppose I am old fashion and have “set ways” in cleaning my home. It worked with my grandmothers and mother, so my cleaning routine should work for my home and family.

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I am a new retiree due to health issues. I am a former educator who in return was a student to the many personalities in my classroom. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I am building one stick at a time in my life as I adjust/accept my current season of being a homemaker.

8 thoughts on “It’s a daily thing—

  1. I use many of the same cleaners! I love Dawn. I dilute it to a great extent, and it still works great. I love Dollar Tree, too. I even wrote a post about the Dollar Tree micro fiber mop! I love it. I have recently discovered a great cleaner at the Dollar Tree – I believe it’s called Bar Keepers Friend. I find it best to parcel out the cleaning tasks, too. That way it’s not overwhelming. Your post actually motivates me to do a bit of cleaning tomorrow. Thanks, and enjoy your day tomorrow!


    1. Will need to try the BAR Keepers Friend. I have seen several YouTube influencers use this on their videos. I am obsessed with my new found cleaning tools. It makes cleaning easier and satisfying.

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  2. I feel you on using simple cleaners! I make my own all purpose cleaner with dish soap, vinegar, water and occasionally some Dettol, for its antiseptic properties. I use bleach for the bathroom though. I also make this fabric refreshener with water, a bit of fabric softener, baling soda and tiny bit of white vinegar! I’ve been meaning to buy one of those microfibre duster for the doors and high cupboards.


      1. Hm Dettol does have a distinct odour, it smells like antiseptic if that makes sense. But if you only put a dollop or so, it doesn’t affect the scent. Also, I find apple cider vinegar or white vinegar is best, red vinegar does smell quite strongly for my likes. & of course for the fabric freshener you can use a fabric softener of your choice, sometimes I add some Dettol in that mix too, to help kill mites etc ( I have a dog🙈)


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