Antique Dresser + Sewing Table= Coffee Bar and More

I love snowmen with red, green and white accents.

Two well-used pieces placed together creating one loved “HOT” bar!

We inherited both pieces of furniture. The dresser was missing its round mirror, so my sister added a stained dowel rod in the mirror’s place. It created a beautiful piece with touches of ornate tea towels. The sewing machine table belonged to my mother and served its purpose as my sewing table.

The coffee cups are from our first set of dishes. Only four saucers have survived the 27 years. The silver bowl is filled with Swiss Miss packets, peppermints, and reusable K- cups. Swiss Miss packets were emptied into the clear canister to allow measuring the right amount of cocoa for the desirable taste of hot chocolate or the perfect mocha latte. Marshmallows are hidden in the snowman teapot waiting to be plucked with tongs stored in the Christmas creamer. And of course, a coffee bar cannot be complete without sugar- located in its proper place while spoons rest in the matching creamer. Broken peppermint sticks add color to the mason jar. I placed snowmen and a green tree around the condiments to accent the winter theme.

Additional goodies are located inside the drawers. A variety of coffee, tea, and cocoa are in the two divided drawers. Overflowing coffee bags and marshmallows are also stored in the two lower drawers. Drinkware is housed in the middle and bottom drawers. Not all drinkware is suitable to the drawer’s heighth, so they are turned on their sides.

The sewing table provides ample room for the Keurig to create the savoring hot liquid.

I attempted a creme brulee latte recipe from Kailyn Cash’s YouTube channel to help warm my wintry bones. The recipe calls for simple ingredients: 1/2 cup choice of milk, 1 teaspoon caramel syrup, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon brown sugar, and a shot of coffee. Warm the first four ingredients- not overly bubbly- then froth before adding to the shot. I personally used oat milk and omitted the caramel due to not having. The latte was satisfying both in taste and warmth.

Do you have a specific area for your coffee or do you keep it on your countertops? We also have other methods for making coffee. There is nothing like a good steamed cup from a percolator or dripping in a chorreador. I believe we are spoiled by the instant gratification of the Keurig.

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I am a new retiree due to health issues. I am a former educator who in return was a student to the many personalities in my classroom. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I am building one stick at a time in my life as I adjust/accept my current season of being a homemaker.

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